Southern Oregon Wedding Venues

Pelton Wedding Venue in Ashland

The wedding function is so much fun and what is even more exciting is to search for the venue where all the festivities are going to take place.

Are you looking for the best wedding venues in Southern Oregon which are located in the beautiful and serene surroundings? You’ve got the right place!

The Pelton Property is an ideal location for carrying out the wedding festivities and exchanging vows for we offer one of the most affordable wedding venues in Oregon that you can avail easily. You can visit our reservation page to get a complete gist of the pricing.

Accommodation for Guests

We provide a perfect accommodation solution in our Ashland wedding venues where the wedding guests can fit without any hassle owing to big space. The rooms are equipped with the amenities like comfy mattresses, quilts, pillows and above all, a private bath with soaking tubs and a Jacuzzi.  A blissful staying experience indeed!

What’s More?

The couples prefer an outdoor ceremony so if you need wedding venues in Southern Oregon with a large garden area, then run a quick glance at our property. You can find it great for sure.

Our property garden is ideal for carrying out the outdoor ceremony and the elements of nature enhance the look of venue settings to a great extent.

To make your special day memorable, we top the list in offering beautiful Ashland wedding venues. So, what are you waiting for? Book your space now!