Top Ashland Vacation Rentals


Affordable Ashland Vacation Rentals for Holidays


Looking for the perfect Ashland vacation rentals located in a beautiful location where you can enjoy your stay? We have exactly what you need!

Pelton House is a name which you can easily go forward with the booking room for rent without thinking twice. We offer great amenities so that you can have the best time in an entire course of your stay. It is a destination that is quite worth to pay a visit for with your family and friends.

If you want privacy, our vacation rentals are a suitable option for this purpose. It carries a unit of rooms which are secluded so you can enjoy space to a great extent.

Nothing is better than to have a greenery outside the room and guess what, we are offering that to you. We provide rooms for rent in Ashland, Oregon with a big garden where you can relax by sipping a cup of coffee/tea.

The best part is that our vacation rental is located near to the Ashland attractions where you don’t have to travel much and can see different places in less time. Saving commutation cost literally!

That calls for you to book rooms for rent in Ashland Oregon. Reserve now!